1 - OREGON 2nd Wed, 7:30PM 2 - IVANHOE 2nd Thu, 7:30 PM
10636 SE Main St., Milwaukie, OR 2777 MLK Blvd, Eugene, OR
Dark July and August Dark July and August
Richard Harris 503-201-7977 Richard Maris 541-345-4566

#3 Temple 4th Thu 7:30pm 4 - MALTA 4th Wed, 7:30 PM
Dark November and December Dark July and August
306 Madison SW, Corvallis, OR 570 Clover Ln., Ashland, OR
Loren Schrock, (541) 926-0327 Skip Bessonette 541-301-7649

#5 DeMolay 4th Monday 7:30pm #6 Eastern Oregon 3rd Monday 7:30pm
Dark July and August Dark July and August
Salem Scottish Rite 125 W Center, Union
Loren Schrock ,541-926-0327 Ralph Patterson 541-562-5600

#9 Baker 4th Tues 7:30pm #10 Pacific 3rd Monday 7:30pm
Feb, Apr, Jun, Oct, Dec Dark July and August
140 SW 2nd St, Ontario 4th & Market St., Coos Bay
Paul Gehrman, Jr. Ph. 541-889-2018 Michael Sullivan, Ph. 541-404-6261

15 - WASHINGTON 3rd Mon, 7:30 PM 18 - PILGRIM 2nd Wed, 1:00pm
Dark Holidays by vote Dark January and February
3612 SE 52nd Ave., Portland 124 W 3rd St., Prineville
Dale Imbleau 971-570-4638 Martin Anderson 541-325-6231

26 - COLUMBIA, 3rd Saturday - 11:00 AM
Even months (except dark in October)
Columbia County Shrine Club in St. Helens
John Ridenour 503-396-0889